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51 Letters and A Love Song
3/7/2019 16:44:55
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What was the name of that fairy tale you once mentioned to me about? Something about the twelve princess. And a kingdom. Something that reminded you of ballroom dancing.

You are right. I never heard of that fairy tale. A kingdom that throws a feast lasting for days and a ballroom dance. I have heard of Cinderella. And that was only because her chariot turned into a pumpkin by the stroke of midnight.

But yes, you loved ballroom dance.

In our early days, I remembered you showed me a photograph of you seated elegantly in a dark metallic satin ball gown next to an old classic grand piano. You look polished. I meant such a sight to behold. I don't quite know how to word the impression you had on me. I felt as if the grand piano was reduced to a minuscule prop when you sat next to it. Nothing more than a dignified stand for you to extend your arm onto. And you smiled drawing curious gaze and admiration.

A royalty by nature. You dazzled those who laid eyes on you.

Back then you were attending a military ballroom dance. It was the first of such event for you.

And couple of years later, you went travelling around Europe. Maybe it was more than couple of years. My memories are getting blurry.  

I remembered you traveled to Austria. I couldn’t remember whether it was an invitation but you were delighted nonetheless to attend another ballroom dance. This time you were accompanied by fellow travelers you met along the journey. This was when you told me how it reminded you of the fairy tale which for you it came true.

It has been years since your first ballroom dance photo. And this time I saw someone who perfected the befitting image of a princess. Of primadonna. You became the centre of gravity where this ballroom dancing hall rotated. Twirling around from one arm to another, you have entered into your childhood fantasy. This one could not be taken away from you.

This was yours forever.

I was not there to watch you glistened like diamonds. I was not there to watch how you made it memorable. I was at my desk slaving away hiding behind mundane daily routine that kept my world safe and predictable.

But if I was that night in the same ball with you, I would be glued to a spot. Watching you as you mercilessly seize the night. And my silly little heart. 


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