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51 Letters and A Love Song
3/7/2019 16:44:55
Kategori: Alternatif
Genre: Cinta


I thought all women are the same. They loved intimacy, cuddling and spooning. No matter how ravenous or independent they are day time, they would look for it in the night. In the nooks and corners of those safe and protective arms.

You loved being spooned. It made you feel relaxed. Like a little cocoon, you simply nestled against me when we lay in bed together.

It always started with talking. With you making small talks. Me on the other side of the bed lying down on my back and listened. Pretty much entertained.

Then our subjects became a little deeper. We broached into boundaries of emotions. I wanted to hear your takes. Your analysis on subjective matters. I found those details you presented were a bit cold and detached. You found my gibberish too nebulous. But we understood each other.

Your words from very early on.

‘You do not know me. I do no know you. Yet we understood each other perfectly.’

Resting your head on my arm. Our hands touched. Where your fingers playfully tangled with mine, I felt an undercurrent racing through jolting my heart. I chose to keep quiet at this point. And let you talked.

I love the sound of your voice. Have I told you that? At times, I had to focus on the words you said because you wanted a reply when all I heard were pieces of symphony.

It soothed me.

It made me closed my eyes when you resigned to a whisper. Your eyes were still bright and lively. But an intense mood was setting in. This closeness. This intimacy. I remember sealing it with a kiss.


Okay. The spooning part. (I know, but it is hard not to get side-tracked.)

It was a big deal to you. There was something about nuzzling the back of your neck. The whole length of it from the nape all the way to the bottom lobe of your ear, tucking away your soft long hair from your face. I breathed in your night perfume. The scent of your skin.

Resting my hand against your thigh, I called you mine.

Falling asleep was easy, cupping your body against mine. Hearing your soft breath as you lie asleep. It felt natural.

It wasn’t always like this with other girls. I do not think you care to know. But just that I have been elbowed around in my sleep. It got me all confused sometimes.

I missed you. and still.


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