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51 Letters and A Love Song
3/7/2019 16:44:55
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You once raved about Adonis. The perfectly proportioned Greek mythical man. This was way back in university days. I needed to get this out once and for all.

I knew you were referring to one of the guy at the university which you said exemplified that over - rated Greek myth. How you pointed out his good looks, I believed I screened out all the gibberish talk of this man for no specific purpose.

Perhaps. A very slim.


Almost non-existent.

Odd chances that I could be jealous.

But let me get this fact right. I did not think Adonis was the most beautiful man in Greek mythology. The story was that Aphrodite was struck with Cupid’s arrow by accident when she laid her eyes on him. It was by chance that Aphrodite falling for him made him a legend. But it was only by chance. He could have been an ordinary character if Cupid did not make a stupid mistake.

The most beautiful man in Greek mythology was in fact Narcissus. He was so beautiful that he could not tear himself away from his reflection. Hence the broken-hearted nymphs cursed him to fall in love with no one but himself to eternity.

Adonis my arse.

I am sorry. I know it was ten years ago. I know who he was. He did not deserve you. He was ugly. What does it matter that he could serenade girls with mandarin poems.

I could also recite Hindustani poems which is also a foreign language to us. I could serenade girls with that famous song from Bobby. Complete with English translation too. Were not you too, weak in the knees every time I wax poetic.

I never spoke of this before. Because the truth was it did not matter.

He did not matter.


do you remember during our early years of courtship I called you my daffodil. Have a guess on its scientific name.

A coincidence don’t you think.

I think life is more than just coincidence. Everything is always in its place at the right time. Every little detail in every dimension, down to each particles and sub-atomic forms, all were precisely aligned and orchestrated. One sequence after another, creating perfect moments, creating meanings.

All of it brought me to you.

All of it. You to me.

It is us who fought against it. Against everything. And then realised it a bit too late.



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