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51 Letters and A Love Song
3/7/2019 16:44:55
Kategori: Alternatif
Genre: Cinta


Sometimes you came home from working trips in Melbourne, you showed me various photos of scenery that captured you. The view of city skyline from the rooftop of your rented apartment. The bright endless blue sky during your vineyard trip with the team. Sunsets along Yarra River where you jogged whenever you can after work.

I remembered a particular photo of sunset that you took at Mornington peninsula.

You said your friend thought it was almost technically perfect and balanced. I refrained from saying anything because I had no suitable qualification or expertise to give out such remarks. I simply said that if he was the expert then it must be true.

You were quiet with my lack of enthusiasm. Or response.

The truth was I did not think whatever I had to say would validate any of these brilliant photos you took. I simply think that these moments were very close and dear to you. 

To sight them and judge your technical abilities would be very inappropriate and superficial. Of course everything had to be done in style. And in perfection when it comes to you. Therefore, you were expecting grand remarks.

I was afraid that the only thing I could say when you showed me that photo of sunset, was that I fell heedlessly for the beautiful and sensitive soul that captured the view.

It doesn’t get more intelligent than that, I’m afraid.

liyana, there have been days when I roamed the streets of Melbourne, the jagged cliffs of Great Ocean Road, watching sunrise in early cold morning by the pier in Dromana, or walked mindlessly along the Yarra River. Those were the days I had to go through before I met you.

These places that you currently frequent and take a liking for were the same places that I have stood on my own and contemplated. The same sights that you captured were the same ones that I longed to share with someone several years back.

It felt lonely back then, that I had all the beautiful views to myself and no one to share it with. No one that could understand and appreciate them as much as I could. But I know one day time will come and bring me someone who would love these places as much as I did.

Who would let it affect her as much as it did to me.

And now, showing all these photos, you expected me to say something exceptional. Your eyes were quick to gather storm. I contemplated how many kisses it would take to soothe you.

liyana, I should have simply told you that you found me.

And these places that you captured bear witness to the days I spent waiting for you.


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