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A Magic Drawing Block
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2/7/2019 15:47:12
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            I lost my appetite. ‘I’ll eat at Gerald’s house then’ I thought. After I walked away from my friends and Gerald,I went to the library. I sat at the corner of the library and saw a book entitled‘What I Love About You’ on the table.

            “The way you are”, somebody said tome. I looked at that person.

            “Oh my God, what are you doing here?Why don’t you go and continue eating your meatballs”, I said.

            “Fortunately, my meatballs are already in my tummy and they were delicious”, Gerald said while took a seat in front of me. I felt uncomfortable. When I wanted to get away from that place,he held my wrist and said, “Come on! What’s wrong with you? Hey, if you think I want to sit with you, let me make it clear, I don’t have time to do that, okay?”

            “Aha… So, Mr. Dawson can you let goof my wrist”, I asked. Then, he said, “Have a sit first because I want to tell you something. Really important. About your stay at my house”.

            After he mentioned about my staying at his house, I took my seat in front of him. Before that, I looked back to see if someone tried to eavesdrop.

            “So, what is it?” I asked.

            “After we get home, you have to take your clothes for a week and put in your room. Also, toiletries. Then, I need your” his words had been cut by me, “ What! Jerry, my house is just next to yours. I don’t think that I need to bring them”.

            “Don’t raise your voice except you want all of them know about it. And, Jerry sounds nice. I asked you to do this,for your own sake. Do you want if other keep seeing you come in and out from my house? No, right”, his statements left me without option which I have to follow him. I just let out my sighed.

            “So, I take it as you will follow my plan. One more thing, I know, we know that we are not too good with each other,but can we just interact like a good friend in my house. You don’t ever think that I want to get close with you, it just I don’t want our parents have bad assumption towards us”, he said while put his eyes on the floor.

            “O- okay. But can you just relax. I never think that you really want to get close with me”, I laughed and then stopped when he looked at me. “Sorry”, I said.

            “Okay, so I need to go now”, he said and I just nodded my head while took out my papers.

            I started sketch a palace and suddenly “I really mean it”, Gerald said while pushed the pink book that title ‘WhatI Love About You’ to me before he left. I was quite shocked and tried to understand what he had said to me. But then, I just didn’t mind. ‘Maybe he talked about packing my clothes’ I thought.

            When I still drew the palace picture, a boy figure came into my sight and “Yes, Gerald. I know and I’ll pack my things after school”. Again, I talked to Gerald without looked on his face.

            He just took a seat in front of me. “What now?” I asked lazily while looked at his face. And, he was not Gerald. He was Mark!

           “I don’t want to know about what happen between you and Gerald. Just, I want to say, I never thought you are like this. Alice, if you still think that I am your friend, please stop your bad attitude. Don’t be cheap”, he said then left me alone at the corner of the library.

            I felt like my heart wanted to explode.He didn’t know anything but then came to me and said I’m cheap! ‘How could him!Who are him to say that to me?’ my anger was developed.

            The bell rang and I quickly went to my next class.

            After the school day for Monday was over, I just said goodbye to my three best friends then walked to Dawson’s house. Luckily, I didn’t meet with Gerald along my way.

As I entered the house, Mrs Dawson greeted me with her sweet smile. “Hey, honey.How was your school?”

            “Fine. Not too much homework today”,I replied. “Me too”, Gerald replied as he was standing behind me. ‘When he was standing behind me?’ I became curious.

            “Do you need my help?” I asked to Mrs Dawson. On that time, Mrs Dawson was cooking for lunch. “Oh, so kind of you. No need. It will be done after a few minutes. Just get some rest in your room” she said.

            “Alright. Can I have my house key?Because I want to take some clothes”, I said.

            “Sure, please help yourself. The key is in the key box beside the telephone” Mrs Dawson told me.

            “Let me accompany you”, Gerald said while followed me until in front of my door house. I didn’t stop him because I didn’t want to fight. I felt too tired.

In the night

            I sat at the coffee table in front of his house. I looked at the sky. I was thinking about Mark’s words. I felt hurt. I felt like I should slap his mouth. I- I felt like I hate him.

            “Ally, are you okay?” Gerald already sat in front of me. I just put on smile on my face. 


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