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The Photographer
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30/1/2018 16:18:16
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Genre: Thriller/Aksi

            “Bella, our graduation day is on this Monday but I still can’t find any photographer to take my pictures. I need a professional photographer because I want my pictures to become beautiful and can keep them as a great memory. Do you have any idea?” asked Sara.


            “Have you found them on Instagram? I think there are many photographers inside there.Let’s see it”, Bella suggested.


            They were stalking them on Instagram but still they could not find the best photographer that suitable to take pictures of graduation who was free at that day. Most of the photographers were busy at that day. They were frustrated. Sara was sad if there was no photographer at that time. She hoped that there would be a photographer who offered himself to take her pictures at her big day.


            “Hi. Excuse me. I am sorry to disturb you girls. My name is Mark and I am a freelance photographer. I just heard that you need a photographer on your graduation day. So, may I take your picture?” Mark asked them. He was a man who sat beside their table.


            Both of them felt weird and asked him to show the proof. “Can you show us a proof that you are a photographer? On the other hand, can you show your Instagram? Because we want to see the pictures that you took before this”, asked Sara.


            Mark just smiled and took the camera on his table. “These are the pictures that I took. You can look them first and it is up to you either you want to choose me as your photographer or otherwise. I don’t want to force you”, said Mark while giving a smile to them.


            They were very impressed with the beautiful pictures. Sara was agreed to take him as her photographer on her big day. Sara and Mark were discussing about the time, venue and payment. Both of them were agreed and gave their phone numbers to contact. Bella just remained silent because she felt something bad but she was afraid to tell Sara or maybe it was just her feeling.


            The actual day was coming. Sara just hoped that Mark was not lying to her because she had already made a payment to him. “Bella, where is Mark? He did not pick up my call. I’m worried”, said Sara with sad tone.


            “Uhm. Sara, I want to tell you something about this but I am afraid if you do not believe me. Are you sure he is a real photographer?” Bella said with a slow tone and she hoped that Sara would not angry.


            Sara was shocked with Bella’s question. She wanted to answer but suddenly, Mark came from the behind with his camera. “Ehem! I am so sorry because I am late. I got stuck in a traffic jam while I was driving here”.


            Sara smiled and said, “It is okay, Mark. It is not your fault. Can we start now?” She was excited but Bella was quiet. Mark looked at Bella and he knew that Bella did not like him. Mark took a lot of Sara’s pictures. Bella just watched from the far. She felt something with Mark but she did not want to spoil Sara’s mood. She just hoped that everything would be fine.


            After they had done with photography session, Mark asked Sara to come to his studio to take all her pictures. “Sara, can you come to my studio tomorrow?” Sara called Bella to ask either she was free or busy to accompany her. Bella came to them but she never smiled.


            “Bella, can you accompany me tomorrow to go to Mark’s studio?” asked Sara. Bella looked at Mark’s face. She wanted to accompany Sara but she had an important thing to do at that day. “I’m sorry, Sara. I cannot accompany you tomorrow because I need to settle something important. It is okay. Just take care of yourself and be careful”, said Bella while looking at Mark. Mark looked at her with full of anger. “Uhm, alright.” said Sara with sad tone.


            Sara came alone to the studio. The studio was very neat and beautiful. “Hi, Sara. Come in. Can you wait for a minute at the guest hall? Because I want to take your pictures at the room first”, Mark asked nicely. Sara just nod and smiled. “Mark is a nice person but why Bella doesn’t like him. She should meet him first. I will tell her later”, said Sara in her heart.


            While waiting for Mark, she walked in the studio to see the beautiful pictures on the wall. She saw a lot of beautiful girls’ pictures. “Wow, he is an expert photographer. I can’t wait to see mine”. She could not wait to see the result of her pictures. Then, she saw an album and took it. There were a lot of beautiful pictures but a same girl. “Uhm, maybe these are pictures of his lover but she is really beautiful. Lucky him!”


            When she turned to the next page, she was shocked. She saw the scary pictures. The pictures of how that girl died. She was curious. “How come Mark can take her pictures like that? Or he is a journalist photographer? But, why do only that girl in this album?”. She put the album at the rack and saw another album. She was very shocked at that time when she saw the pictures of dead girls. When she looked at those pictures, she remembered about something. Those dead girls were the same girls in the pictures on the walls. She closed the album and went back to that wall. She was scared and wanted to run. Unfortunately, Mark came from her back and closed her mouth until she fainted.


            After she realized from fainted, she was crying. She regretted because she was not listening to Bella’s advice. Mark came and smiled to her. “Why are you crying,Sara? Are you afraid of me?” Sara felt angry and asked him, “What do you want from me? Why do you do this to me? Are you killing those girls? But why?”


            Mark laughed and suddenly, he cried. “Do you want to know something, Sara? That girl in the first album was my ex lover. I really love her. Do you want to know why she died? Because I killed her! Do you want to know why I killed her? Because she lied to me. Do you want to know the thing that she lied? She promised to me that she wants to get married with me but she lied. She falls in love with another rich man. I killed her at this studio. Do you want to know where her body is? Her body is behind my studio. I took the pictures of her when she was died because I think it is an art of photography”. He laughed loudly.


            Sara was curious again. “You are so cruel. But, why do you killed the others? All of them are your ex lovers?” Mark looked at their pictures and laughed again. He looked at Sara and said, “Because I love to kill beautiful girls. When they died, they still look beautiful. As I said just now, it is an art of photography!”


            “You are crazy! Now, you want to kill me! But why me?!”, Sara shouted and Mark just smiled. “Who said I want to kill you? I will not. You are beautiful and kind. I do not want to kill you. I just want to explain those things to you because nobody wants to listen to my story. I promise I will not do it again. I beg you to keep this secret. I am so sorry, Sara”.


            “Alright. I promise. Please let me go now and do not disturb me again”, Sara asserted. Mark nod and smiled. “I will let you go now. Your pictures are on my table. You can pick them and go. I will not disturb you again. I’m sorry”.


            Sara walked to the table and looked at her pictures. She took her mobile phone and wanted to call Bella to pick her up but Bella was not answered. She texted Bella but when she wanted to send her text, Mark knocked her head with a wood.


            Sara fell down with her head full of blood. Mark came towards her and took her mobile phone. He deleted the message that Sara wanted to send it to Bella. He looked at Sara and said, “I’m sorry, Sara. Do you want to know why I kill you? Because it is an art of photography. Oh, let me draw something on your face so that you will look more beautiful”. He took the glass fragments in his room and carved a pattern on her face.


            “Now, you look more beautiful. May I take your picture now?” asked Mark while taking her pictures. He laughed loudly. He printed out her pictures and pasted them into a new album : Beautiful Sara. He went out and brought his camera to find another customer.

                                                                                - THE END -

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